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Billy has backstage passes to a concert and these two girls want'em really bad! The problem is that he had promised the tickets away to some other girls already. The girls come up with a great plan to convince him into giving it to them though.


They lean over his lap and starts to make out with each other. He is shocked, and gets more shocked when they pull out his schlong and puts it in their mouths! He can't believe what's happening but he just goes with it. He let them ride his dong and fucks them good all the while they keep busy licking vagina. I bet they scored those tickets!


































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Shady PI Tube Video

Feb 10, 2014

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Today I have a nice treat for you, the famous pornstar Brandi Love is accompanying Natalia in this scene. She is 40 years old, almost twice the age of Natalia, but still looks fucking awesome! She has one of the best butts in the biz as well.


These two babes are neighbors and Brandi has been kinda of a mentor to Natalia, especially when it comes to sex. Natalia confides that there is this guy she's been wanting for a long time but he just can't get the hint. Brandi wants to help her out so she invites the guy over to her place. When he arrives she is sunbathing nude and he is speechless when he says that. So she takes his hand and brings him into her bedroom where she undresses him and gets him to lick her punani.


That is Natalia's cue to enter the room and she joins in on the action immediately. Together they suck his fat dong then take turns getting shagged by him. It didn't get boring for the gal he didn't fuck cause she got her pussy licked by the other chick.


















































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