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There's been a lof of massage porn popping up over the last couple of years and I gotta say I love it! Especially when Natalia is involved! :) The male talent in this scene, Evan Stone, has been around forever. I remember seeing him when I started to watch porn in my teens. Cool to see that he is still kicking it with young pussy!


So Natalia massages Evan but after a while she gets curiuos about what's hiding beneath the sheets and why it is moving! She pulls the sheets away and out comes a stiff cock which she promptly sucks. Then she strips naked and rides his large bone like there was no tomorrow!











































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This guy was in for one helluva massage! He was greeted by the hot Natalia in a sexy outfit and asked to undress. Then he had to lay face-down on the massage bench with his dick through a hole in the wall.


He obeyed every of her demands and when he was settled on the table she got under there and started to tug his dong. He loved it and it got even better when she put it in her mouth. She did not stop blowing him until her face and big boobs was covered in cum!


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Flight attendents Natasha and Natalia have to lay over in a foreign land after a long flight. They decide to get a massage to get all the tension out of their bodies. They didn't do a proper research when ordering these two ladies cause they did more than just massaging!


They oiled up and rubbed rubbed the two Polish sisters and started to lick their pussies. They were both bisexual so they appreciated this extra service!


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10 minute long video, I hope you enjoy it!



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3 minute long video clip!



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