I love it when the two sisters are together in the same scene, they both look so amazing! They are dressed in some really sexy outfits as well and today they have a big appetite for toys. They get out a bunch of new dildos and tries them all out on the sofa and on the floor. It was great watching them go at it!


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5,5 minute long lesbian video!



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3,5 minute long clip with the two sisters sharing dong!



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Finally we got to see Natalia and Natasha in the same scene! Sisters in porn is very rare so this is a real treat!


They seem to fight over a guy and it ends up with them both having sex with him at the same time. So I guess he was the winner of the fight :) They sucked his dong and he could alternate between their twats as much as he liked. What a great afternoon this must have been for him!



































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Flight attendents Natasha and Natalia have to lay over in a foreign land after a long flight. They decide to get a massage to get all the tension out of their bodies. They didn't do a proper research when ordering these two ladies cause they did more than just massaging!


They oiled up and rubbed rubbed the two Polish sisters and started to lick their pussies. They were both bisexual so they appreciated this extra service!


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